Word Problem Wednesday – Laiza’s Dress

Word Problem Wednesday – Laiza’s Dress

Word Problem Wednesday – Laiza’s Dress

This month’s problem comes from Dimensions Math 6A and highlights the unitary method of solving problems:

Laiza spent 38% of her money on a dress and the rest on a purse. If she spent $114 on the dress, how much did she spend on the purse?

Submit your solutions by the end of the month!


Last month’s problem was from the website TestPapersFree.com, which provides past copies of continual and semestral assessments from Singapore Primary Schools. This is a great resource if you’re looking to see questions directly from Singapore classrooms. The problem is from Raffles Girls School,  Grade 4, and is a Semester 2 assessment, which is the final term of the year.

Pei Ling had 3 times as many cards Zandy. Sulaiman had half the number of cards Zandy had. There were a total of 1278 cards.
How many more cards did Pei Ling have than Zandy?

Here’s a solution from Reader Shirley Davis:








How did you do?



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