Singapore Method Mathematics tutorials

Singapore Method Mathematics tutorials

Singapore Method Mathematics tutorials


My name is Guisela Rojas, director – teacher of, together with my teaching team we teach private classes for Chile and distance classes for Chile and the world, classes of Mathematics Method Singapore, for children from pre – kinder:

Our Singapore Method Mathematics tutorials are based on the methodology called “Singapore Method”, which has as its central axis, to learn techniques for Mathematical Problem Solving. In our opinion, the Method allows the student to face new situations with advantage. devise paths of resolution, according to their emotional maturity.

Method Singapore Mathematics curriculum
… How does the Singapore Method work? :

Our particular classes of Mathematics Singapore Method, start with concrete material, and then pictorial to finally induce the student the abstraction of the mathematical concept to study.
In our particular Singapore Method math classes, the student is the architect of their learning, guided by the teacher.

Hire our services and let your son or daughter begin to PLAY MATH!




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